Fibrodin GS

Fibrodin GS

PT. HES Indomakmur Gemilang – Fibrodin GS is widely used for boosting meat flavor. We sell, urea, ingredients for pesticides, various chemicals, food chemicals, sweeteners, such as sorbitol, aspartame, salt, himalayan salt, English salt, and we sell soap ingredients, softener surfactants or softeners and various other agro-chemical ingredients. FIBRISOL is often used as meatball pengenyal. So far, meatball makers don’t really know what FIBRISOL really is. Meatball makers if asked about their composition FIBRISOL, always answer they don’t know.

FIBRISOL is a brand or brand of a company from Australia. This company produces various generations of phosphates for various application uses. One of them is Phosphate used for meat. Namely Sodium Tripoly Phosphate, Sodium Acid Piro Phosphate, and many other types of phosphate. The combination of the various phospat we often know by the name Mixphos or Phosmix or Phospat blend. Why is the phosphate mixed or the cool term mixed? the answer is, because each phosphate has a different function in the structure of the meatball mixture. The joining of various phosphates is believed to make the texture of meatballs better and more compact. If Phosphate is mixed, there will be a certain percentage of mixed components. Now this percentage is the secret of each company that makes the phosphate mixture.

Now the reader already knows about FIBRISOL. So the contents of Pengenyal Meatball FIBRISOL are Phosmix or Mixphos or Phospat blend as well. Actually what is the function of MIXPHOS? The function of Phosphate is to maintain water in the meat so as not to disappear, or in other words bind water. If the function is in Meatballs dough, with the Phosphate will maintain the water content in the meatball dough, so that the BAKSO KENYAL texture is obtained by consumers who love culinary meatballs.

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