ISP (Isolated Soya Protein)

PT. HES Indomakmur Gemilang – Isolated Soy Protein ISP is flour made from high protein soybeans that has many benefits for the human body, as a trusted food industry supplier Markaindo provides Isolated Soy Protein products of high quality ISPs produced by Crown Soya, Crown Soya is a company from China that producing isolated soy protein which has international standard and has been tested for quality.

The function of Isolated Soy Protein itself is to process processed meat products such as sausages, burgers, nuggets and others. This material is made from soybean flour which is processed in such a way that the final product is yellowish-white flour with a protein content of not less than 90%. Soy protein is a vegetable protein that has the most functional characteristics closest to meat protein, therefore ISP is widely used as meat replacer which serves to reduce the use of meat in processed meat products. And usually Isolated Soy Protein is used in food industries to replace the function of protein in meat and has an excess of low fat, good for heart health and cholesterol.

If you want to buy Isolated Soy Protein products, you can directly visit the Markaindo website at and contact Markaindo directly at the number listed on Markaindo’s website, why should you buy Isolated Soy Protein at Markaindo ?, because the ISP sold at Markaindo is a production ISP of Crown Soya, soya crown itself is a company from China that focuses on industrial products related to soy protein that have sold their products to several countries, isolated products produced by Crwon Soya have been tested for quality and ISPs produced by Crown Soya also doesn’t smell unpleasant so it doesn’t change the taste of food when used to make processed meat products.

Besides Isolated Soy Protein, Crown Soya Protein also produces other soy protein-based products, including concentrated soy protein (minimum protein content of 65%). Concentrated soy protein consists of two types, functional and non functional. The functional type can be used as an alternative to ISP while the non-functional type is used as an ingredient added to increase protein levels (enrichment) in products such as bread, biscuits, animal feed and others. What are you waiting for, order your ISP product now at Markaindo so you can directly use the production ISP product from Crown Soya.

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